Retour / Coming back

Les derniers mois ne m’ont pas laissé beaucoup de temps pour réfléchir, mais les choses commencent à se placer. J’ai de belles notes de la conférence Anticipation à Londres et une foule d’observations suite aux expérientations dans les deux projets de recherche qui je mène en ce moment (imperfection et programmation) qui ne demandent qu’à être couchée sur le papier!

More soon!

Lucky Numbers: They exist!

We all heard how there are no such things as lucky numbers, right? Well actually… they exit!

I mean, if you throw a pair of dice and adding them, having 7 as your pet number has nothing to do with how often you are going to be correct. Each dice give you 1 out of 6 chance to get any one of its figures, but if you wish for a 2 or a 12, there are not as many ways to get that sum. Seven, on the other hand, can be obtained with many combinations. See yourself:
dice sum
Ok, so… no lucky numbers then.
Except there are! Here’re a few, in case you need some:
1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 21, 25, 31, 33, 37, 43, 49, 51, 63…

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Différence et répétition

Journée d’étude au labo ce jeudi, 26 mai. Je vais présenter quelques réflexions issues de la lecture du livre de G. Deleuze Différence et répétition. Une lecture un brin difficile, mais fort intéressante, et qui pose un fondement intéressant à nos orientations vis-à-vis l’activité mathématique plutôt que vers l’apprentissage des maths.

Imperfection: Granted!

Great news today! I just learned that my proposal on the im/perfection of (doing) mathematics it going to be granted by the Canadia Social Science and Humanity Research agency. A nice project to explore how focusing on the perfection-imperfection dialectic get students to do math. I was originally planning to do this in Montreal, but I now think I’ll split the project across the continents, and have a group of high school students in Montreal and a few university students in Auckland. That’s going to be amazing!

Linguistic and cultural diversity… in writing

Fun stuff: I’ve been invited to join a round table at the CMESG FLM pre-conference this year (in Kingston, Canada). So, on June 2nd I’ll be discussing (in French and English) “cultural and linguistic diversity”… in writing research (!) with a couple of very nice people (but I don’t know if I can name then yet, haha!).

For the occasion, I am of course going to back to Derrida and Nancy, and explore the idea of how “I speak only one language and it is not mine”, and “paying tribute to the melee”…

Looking forward to it, really!

Methodological and research development endeavors

I just got the proof for our book review of Bikner-Ahsbahs, Knipping, & Presmeg’s huge Approaches to Qualitative Research in Mathematics Education (592 pages!). Thats’ on Jérome and I will be happy to see published. I think we did a pretty good work! It is scheduled for MATHEMATICAL THINKING AND LEARNING 2016, VOL. 18, NO. 2, 1–8.


Papert in Thailand


Good news today: My paper on Papert’s Sort-of-right Mathematics is accepted for the Constructionism 2016 conference in Feburary, in Bangkok! The reviews were good and I can use them to improve a few things, so that’s really nice. I’ll do that and post the paper in the publication section. And the powerpoint presentation too, eventually!