Epistemology and Technology

Technology and mathematics are the closest friends. And while some argue that there is not mathematics without some sort of a tool (e.g. symbols), others wants to consider mathematics itself as the essence of technology. So how can such visions play in to disturb our everyday discourses and perspective on technology and mathematics, especially in the context of mathematics education? It is old story so argue that computers and calculators call for a rethinking of what we do in school, how and why. But so far, as Papert many times brilliantly explain it, much of our thinking goes toward adapting technologies to schools, affecting as little as possible the mathematics that is taught.

My work here is to imagine new mathematical possibilities for mathematics education, and without too much concern for the actual programs and various state of affair. So what I do is to try and conceptualize what is possibly at sake when technology and mathematics and thoughts together, and create some applets (see my Ressources section) featuring of those elements. In particular, I came to give great attention to the artistic aspect of doing mathematics.